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How It Works

Finding a Restaurant

Finding the right restaurant with Table Free is very easy because there are many ways to do so.

A-Z Restaurant List
The A-Z Restaurant List can be accessed from the website's main menu.  It's a good place to browse our entire collection of restaurants and to get a quick peek of their locations and prices.  This list can also be helpful when the name of a restaurant can only be partially recalled.  To see a picture about the restaurant an the price range, just mouse over the “Information” icon to the left of each restaurant name.

Restaurant Lookup
If the name of the restaurant is already known, then the Restaurant Lookup tool (near the top-right of the Homepage) can be used to jump straight to its profile page. The tool's one field uses predictive text, so valid options should appear under the field as typing begins.  When the desired restaurant appears, simply click on it to open the profile page.

Quick Search
If searching for a restaurant is necessary, then the conventional Quick Search is good place to start.  To use the tool simply choose a Cuisine, Price Range, and Location from the dropdown boxes and click the Submit button.  A new page will appear with the restaurants that match the criteria selected on the Homepage.  These options can be browsed and the thumbnail images can be moused-over for a short description of the restaurant.  Click the “more” link to open the restaurant's profile page. The search results can also be changed without returning to the Homepage by changing the value of the dropdown boxes at the top of the page and clicking the Submit button.

Under the dropdown boxes are some additional restaurant feature checkboxes.  These checkboxes can be clicked and the search results will automatically be filtered accordingly.

Map Search
When location is important, the map search provides an excellent way to visually see restaurant locations.  This search can be especially useful for visitors to Budapest who don't know their way around town.  Besides the conventional Cuisine and Price Range dropdown boxes, there is also a Landmark dropdown which lists some of the most famous locations in Budapest.  This dropdown is also another useful tool for orienting the visitor to Budapest.

Technical Note:  The map feature only works with Javascript enabled browsers.  If the map doesn't appear, please consult your browser's documentation and enable Javascript.

Advanced Search
The Advanced Search option will be coming towards the end of June 2011.  For more information, please see the Table Free Delivery Schedule page.

Coming Soon...

This part of our website is not ready yet. We are releasing our website in phases and each month we will unlock exciting new features.

More Info: TableFree Delivery Schedule