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How It Works

Restaurant Profiles

Restaurant profiles provide a great way to discover the establishment before making a reservation.  Table Free has taken every measure to insure that the profiles on our site are all thoroughly completed and standardized.

Most of the sections on the restaurant profile page should be intuitive and self-explanatory, but a few deserve a little more explanation.

Get a Feel for the Place
This area provides a unique look at some of the more subjective aspects of the establishment which are often very important but somehow overlooked.  Each aspect is represented by a slider.  The slider can have one of four values as represented by the triangle indicator.  Mousing over the indicator, endpoints, or any of the middle points reveals a qualitative description.  After using the system for a while, diners can start to quickly identify the pattern of these sliders that best fits their requirements.

Attribute Icons
Attribute Icons are quick way to visualize some common restaurant features and services.  Mousing over an icon will reveal more information about what it represents. If the certain icon is faded out, then that feature/service is not available.  After using the system for a while, diners can quickly scan for the icons that best fit their requirements.

Coming Soon...

This part of our website is not ready yet. We are releasing our website in phases and each month we will unlock exciting new features.

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