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How It Works

Making Reservation

Details about making reservation will not be released until the reservation system has been completed. The ability to make reservations will be coming towards the end of April 2011.  For more information, please see the Table Free Delivery Schedule page.  In the meantime, here is an overview.

Table Free's reservation system provides a great way for diners to quickly make reservations.  From the Homepage or any restaurant profile page, the Quick Reservation tool is available.  Registered diners need only supply the date, time, and restaurant name and the reservation is initiated.  Unregistered diners, must supply some additional contact information so that the reservation confirmation can be sent.  Confirmations can be sent by email and/or SMS.  Additionally, each reservation will have its own management page where it can be canceled or changed.  Following the fulfillment of a reservation, diners will optionally be given the chance to confirm their visit to the restaurant and to review the experience.

Coming Soon...

This part of our website is not ready yet. We are releasing our website in phases and each month we will unlock exciting new features.

More Info: TableFree Delivery Schedule