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How It Works

Earning Rewards

Details about making earning will not be released until the rewards system has been completed. The ability to earn will be coming towards the end of June 2011.  For more information, please see the Table Free Delivery Schedule page.  In the meantime, here is an overview.

Diners have chance to earn rewards and win prizes just by using the Table Free website.  There are three ways to be rewarded on Table Free:  Table Free Milestones, Table Free Contests, Restaurant Rewards.  A TF Milestone occurs when a diner reaches certain significant numbers of reservations in the system.  At that point a reward is sent to the diner.  From time to time, Table Free will also conduct contests where prizes will be given at random to eligible diners (e.g. diners who made at least 3 reservations in the calendar month).  Finally, each restaurant can create a reward system for its loyal diners based on the overall number of reservations fulfilled.

Coming Soon...

This part of our website is not ready yet. We are releasing our website in phases and each month we will unlock exciting new features.

More Info: TableFree Delivery Schedule