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Oléo Pazzo (Courtyard Marriott)

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Oléo Pazzo (Courtyard Marriott) #1

Modern, Mediterranean-style restaurant named after the legendary Leo Mezzotapoliról, a rather excentrik figure that felt a special affinity for the olives because of Oleo Pazzónak, meaning "mad with olive".

Nobody knows what precisely the source of “Oléo” is. Some say that he had a Catalan gypsy mother and that his father was a fisherman in Cyprus, while others believed that he was bor n aboard a ship at the Turkish coast and that his family later settled in the Italian region of Liguria in the heart of Santa Oléana.Oleo counsels us very wisely, which are key to a healthier and happier life!Eat more fish, fresh fruits, vegetables and cereals!

Every day a few eye drops of olives!Drink red wine regularly, but do not exaggerate!half an hour every day, make sure you ease of movement!Listen to good music!Be friendly to the animals!Never forget to say "please“and "thank you "!

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Contact Info
József Krt. 5.
1088 Budapest
VIII. district
+36 1 327 5100


the restaurant only serves Mediterranean dishes
Price Range:
Price Range Key
= average meal 3000 Ft or less
= average meal 3000Ft - 6000 Ft
= average meal 6000 Ft or more

An average meal includes a starter and a main course with a side dish and a non-alcoholic beverage.

Reservations Preferred
established 2010
Hours of Operation
M 0630-2400
Tu 0630-2400
W 0630-2400
Th 0630-2400
F 0630-2400
Sa 0630-2400
Su 0630-2400
Seating Information
Indoor Smoking:
Indoor Non-Smoking:
Oléo Pazzo (Courtyard Marriott) #2
Oléo Pazzo (Courtyard Marriott) #3
Oléo Pazzo (Courtyard Marriott) #4
Oléo Pazzo (Courtyard Marriott) #5
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